Presentation of the Togo Orthodox Church

The Togo Orthodox Church was created on September 8th and although young, it comprises four religious communities, three in the South and one in the North of the country.

  • The Nativity of the Mother of God Parish, to be found in the South-Eastern Lomé neighborhood of  Bê-Attiégou.
  • The Community of the Saint Apostles Peter and Paul in the city of Kpalimé (Plateaux Region, Togo)
  • The Community of the Dormition of the Mother of God, in the Ahépé village (South-East Togo), 80 km North of Lomé.
  • The Raphaël de Kara community, which gathers Orthodox followers from the North of the country.

Parishes and Communities

The Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God Parish in Lomé

In 2012, the Lomé parish is the only one to have a building to celebrate its religious festivals in, the”Most Holy Mother of God Church” in Bê-Attiégou.

 Divine Liturgie à Kpalimé

Eglise de la Nativité de la Mère de Dieu à Attiégou_2

 Liturgical celebrations by Father Thomas at the Parish of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God in Lomé ( Bê-Attiégou)

Plan de la ville de Lomé

Vue de la ville de Lomé

Lomé city

The Orthodox Church in Togo has several missionary projects, among which are plans of building new parishes for the newly converted and plans of building new schools.  The Church wants to offer newly baptized members buildings where they can celebrate the Mysteries of the faith so that Orthodoxy can take root and spread throughout the country. Therefore, the Church needs help to carry these projects out.

The Saint Raphaël de Kara Community

At the end of 2012, the Saint Raphaël community counted over two hundred followers. This community owns a piece of land in the city of Kara that it wishes to build a church on. Therefore, it calls on the Orthodox communities that could help it build this site of worship for the followers in the North of the country.

c4_Fidèles de Kara3

Followers of the Saint Raphaël de Kara Community

Geographic situation of
Orthodox parish communities in Togo in 2012

The geographical situation of the different orthodox Communities