Health / Medical care

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Medical center

The nursing staff of the Orthodox Church has set up a medical center in the Bê-Attiégou neighborhood, in South-East Lomé. This center offers medical care at a low cost or free of charge for the destitute. It also promotes prevention and education in the health field.

Center for psychological and psychiatrical health care

The “Hope for the Mentally Ill” Association is one of the Church’s social initiatives. It was created in the Soumbou village, in Northern Togo.

This center offers moral and medical care (oriented towards traditional pharmacopeia) to people suffering from psychological disorders or psychiatric illness. Often, the family of the person suffering from such a disorder rejects the person and does not have the means to provide the care needed. Therefore, The Association gathers the patients and provides them with therapeutic follow-up in an appropriate environment. Moreover, according to the objectives that it has set out in its statute, the Association offers vocational training to patients who have fully or partially recovered, in view of their reintegration into society. One of its other priorities is to develop a pharmacopeia promoting traditional medicinal plants which are known to be effective in treating certain mental illnesses.