An agro-pastoral project

A 12-hectare farm was established at Kpalimé, in the central Plateau Region, in order to develop the food self-sufficiency of the Ahépé students and teachers and of the staff involved in the Church’s different projects. The Church chose this fertile and luxuriant region because of its warm climate which is favorable to vegetable, cereal and tuber (such as yams and cassava) crops which will be, in a first instance, the farm’s main production. In 2013 this project will be completed by a small livestock farm, which will breed poultry, caprines and ovines.

Région Kpalimé2 Région Kpalimé3

Views from the Kpalimé region

The Kpalimé farm and the Ahépé school complex benefitted from substantial donations from members of Orthodox churches in France and Greece. These friends of the Church have  covered the full cost of buying the land and of the construction of the buildings.

The members of the young Orthodox Church in Togo would therefore like to express their deepest appreciation to them.

The geographical situation of the different social work of the Orthodox Church in Togo The geographical situation of the different construction projects of the Orthodox Church in Togo